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Centrifugal Separator Spare Parts and Service Kits
Centrifugal Separator Spare Parts and Service Kits : Manufactured from our principal Soteco – Comtech Italy. High quality and reliable replacement parts. Offered for model ALFA Laval, MKK & Westfalia Centrifugal Separators in the Marine & Diesel Power Plant application. Covered with 12-18 months warranty


Centrifugal Separator Spare Parts and Service Kits : Manufactured from our principal Soteco – Comtech Italy. High quality and reliable replacement parts. Offered for model ALFA Laval, MKK & Westfalia Centrifugal Separators in the Marine & Diesel Power Plant application. Covered with 12-18 months warranty


Plate Heat Exchanger Parts – High quality plates of different materials and grades. Gasket made of different materials. Manufactured from our European principal. We supplied both genuine or high-quality replacement parts covered with warranty


Pump Repair Kits – We supply various pump spare parts for different kind of Pumps in Marine, Power Plants and Manufacturing Industries.



With over 30 years experience in heat exchanger design & manufacture, you can count on AMI to offer you quality heat exchanger solutions.


Our quality is underwritten by full warranty on all units manufactured



DRY FILTRATION – Wide range of dry dust collectors have been designed to meet the most challenging dust-related issues of your industrial application.






Power generation plant
Mobile generation unit

• (G3 – H13)
• Prefilters
• Static filters
• Pulse filters

Inlet Treatment
• Evaporative cooling
• Mechanical chillers
• Anti ice protection
• Heating & cooling coils

We are committed to reducing emissions while improving the quality of the air within your workspace and enhancing your operational performance. To accomplish this, our cartridges and replacement parts will optimise the performance of your dust collector.




Piston Assembly – Made by our principal Marine Motor Service, GMBH with LR Certificates. With patented Wear Resist design “Nitrated” Crown for heavier fuel oil to extend reliability and life.
Cylinder Head – Made by our principal Marine Motor Service, GMBH with LR Certificates and cast under GGG60 material w/c is more reliable and dependable.
Valve Spindle & Valve Seats– from original maker

Various Sealing Sets – For Engine Components Made only from European OEM manufacturer.

POWER CONTROL SOLUTION – Specialize in combustion optimization, generator excitation system & governor control.

Boiler Combustion Analyzer
Coal Flow Online Measurement & Balancing
Boiler Furnace Exit Gas Temperature FEGT Monitoring





  • Rotary UPS from 500kW up to 2700kW
  • Paralleling up to 40MW
  • Higher reliability than other technologies
  • Highest partial and full load efficiencies with energy store connected
  • Total design flexibility
  • Medium and low voltage options
  • Battery or flywheel-backed versions
  • Small footprint and high power density

Critical Power Modules with Kinetic Energy Storages

  • UPS systems with integrated Kinetic Energy Storage from 225kW up 2000kW
  • Paralleling up to 7MW
  • Reduced Real Estate Requirements
  • Low service intervention and costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced ancillary assets
  • Increased net floor space
  • Guaranteed GenSet partnership
  • Efficiency without compromise
  • Multiple power configurations

Guascor Energy – global manufacturer of gas and diesel engines designed for power generation, cogeneration, waste conversion and marine use meeting strictest environmental regulations 

Industrial Expertise

Guascor Energy offers solutions to cover power, energy, heat and propulsion needs for industrial and marine companies as well as public entities in business-as-usual & emergency situations.

Our proven experience includes heavy industries, data centres, food producers, textiles, ceramics, chemicals, mining, oil & gas, biopharma, timber & paper, waste & water treatment plants, landfills, fishing and shipyards, etc.

S Series Engines –

Ideal for power generation, cogeneration/trigeneration, mechanical drive and marine applications – the lean burn, electronically carbureted SL gas engines have an output range from 209 to 1150 kWb at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

H Series: HM Engines

A cost-efficient and compact solution for power generation and cogeneration processes, this series of Guascor Energy gas engines represents a new design concept with advanced technology incorporated into the cylinder heads, valves, camshafts, and high efficiency turbochargers.

E Series: EM Engines

A powerful new competitor in the expanding market for reciprocating engines in power generation applications, the EM Series offers best-in-class performance with excellent efficiency on a small footprint.

Fuel blending

Fuel blending allows the engine to run on two different fuels or a mixture of them. Guascor Energy fuel blending system was initially developed to work with Biogas as the primary fuel and Natural Gas as the secondary.

Engines for the most demanding applications

Diesel Engines

Gas Engines


Gearboxes, clutches and advanced controls complete Guascor Energy’s range of propulsion and auxiliary products for the marine market. Guascor Energy also designs and manufactures accessories to complete your marine propulsion and generation systems such as – gearboxes, – hydraulic clutches, and control systems.

Digital Products

The Guascor Energy GCS is a technologically advanced system that allows you to control and monitor your plant, while maximizing equipment efficiency. It comprises the whole engine parameters control, the alarms management and also includes a unique diagnostics and trending software. The GCS concept significantly reduces complexity reducing integration costs

GCS-E Engine – The  GCS-E governs the engine unit. It is a Plug & Play autonomous engine control that simplifies installation and commissioning

The control onto the engine, GCS-E, captures the following parameter:

  • Ignition
  • Ignition and timing; emissions control
  • Knocking detection
  • Carburation
  • Speed /load control
  • Protections
  • Pre-lubricating/starter
  • Pre-heating (Water/Oil)

GCS-G Genset – The GCS-G governs the engine-alternator (genset) unit.  Applicable to any range of generators, frequency (50/60Hz) and voltage. It controls up to 6 gen-sets working together. It offers cutting edge functionalities including the Guascor Energy Economode algorithm  that improves the operating point in real time based on load demand and available gensets.

The control GCS-G captures the following parameters:

  • Alternator
  • Synchronization
  • Gas ramp
  • Batteries charger
  • Cooling control
  • Thermal recovery
  • Auxiliary equipment status
  • Power output

GCS-P Plant – The GCS-P governs the different elements of the power plant.  GCS-P system controls the GCS-G gen-sets when > 6 gen-sets operate in island mode or a complex installation is required.

GCS-P system governs:

  • GCS-G units as the master of the gen-sets
  • The operation of the grid switch
  • Co-generation machines
  • Additional ancillary operation


Products & Services:
Marine & Power Plant and Industrial Manufacturing Plant


Diesel Engines and Spare Parts (Includes Recond & 2nd Hand Diesel Engines);

 ▪Allen Diesel ▪ Mirless ▪ MAK ▪ Bergen ▪ MWM ▪ MAN / B&W ▪ Daihatsu ▪ Pielstick▪ Wartsila

▪ Caterpillar▪ Sulzer▪ Niigata ▪ Daihatsu▪ Cummins▪ Detriot ▪ Deutz ▪Yanmar ▪ Others

Separators & Spare Parts for Marine & Power Industry;

▪ Alfa Laval ▪ Westfalia ▪ Mitsubishi KK  Samgong-Korea

Plate Heat Exchanger in all industries;
▪ APV Heat Exchanger : PHE Units & Spare Parts  ▪ Alfa Laval – PHE Unit & Spare Parts

▪ GEA – spare parts  ▪ Reheat/Tranter – Units & Spare parts ▪ SWEP – Spare parts, others

Compressors & Spare parts;

▪ Atlas Copco Sabroe  ▪ Hatlapa ▪ Carrier ▪ Sperre ▪ Yanmar ▪ Hamworthy Teikoku ▪ Sauer, others

Pumps and spare parts;

 ▪ Allweiler ▪ K.S.B. ▪ IMO▪ Coffin▪ Luwara ▪ Allweiler ▪ Ebara ▪ Merser ▪ Iron▪ Goulds Pumps

▪ Nirex (Alfa Laval)▪ Teikoku ▪ Hamworthy ▪ Shinkokinzoku ▪ Azcue ▪ Other

Refrigeration System  – Industrial & Manufacturing Application


▪ Aalborg Bolier ▪ Clayton Boiler

Air Filters and Dust Collectors – American Air Filter (AAF), for power plant and different Industries application

TECG Controls, SingaporeBoiler Optimization & Leak Detection System for Coal Thermal Power Plant

Expansion Joints & Insulations – New Componit, Italy

Piller Power System – Power protection technologies, specializing in UPS systems.

Technical After Sales & Service – Overhauling, repair and trouble-shooting of various mechanical equipment & system for equipment above.

Other products for Power Plants and Industrial applications